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Protecting & Defending the Criminally-Accused

White-Collar Crime Lawyers in Columbia

Tenaciously Defending Your Due Process Rights

A serious crime doesn’t necessarily have to entail inflicting violent injury for a victim to experience enduring harms. Sometimes the most damaging crimes occur when a person’s future prosperity and livelihood are imperiled at the hands of another person. White-collar criminals seldom commit acts of violence, but the injuries they cause are just as real and painful to their victims as any physical assault.

If you or someone you know has been implicated in a white-collar crime, don’t hesitate in seeking the advice of a dedicated criminal defense lawyer in Columbia with experience handling charges for white-collar crimes. At the Moore Taylor Law Firm, we have the cunning, skill, and mettle necessary to mount a comprehensive defense strategy against charges for white-collar crimes. Backed by a stellar success record, you can expect us to provide you with award-winning legal representation to help make sure your constitutional rights as a defendant are not infringed.

For a free consultation with our skilled white-collar defense counsel, call us at (866) 829-1242.

What Are White-collar Crimes?

White-collar crimes refer to a broad range of criminal offenses that encompass sophisticated forms of theft, fraud, and deception. Many white-collar crimes can be committed through interstate commerce, such as money laundering and securities fraud. As a result, a person who has been implicated in committing a white-collar crime across state lines faces punishment for committing a federal offense. As a result, the defendant can expect being investigated by federal authorities, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and even the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

While the potential consequences associated with a federal investigation into white-collar crimes can seem daunting, federal agents are still bound to afford the criminally accused due process of law under the United States Constitution. That is why you need a seasoned criminal defense attorney with a sophisticated understanding of both federal and South Carolina law to represent you.

At Moore Taylor Law Firm, we have experience defending against white-collar crimes such as:

  • Extortion;
  • Money laundering;
  • Charges under the Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act;
  • Embezzlement;
  • Securities fraud; and
  • Wire fraud.

Get Top-Tier Defense Strategies at Moore Taylor Law Firm

The notion that state and federal law enforcement agencies might mount an investigation into your conduct and background can be incredibly intimidating. However, at Moore Taylor Law Firm, we understand that intimidation is a common tactic government authorities implement to compel vulnerable defendants into cooperating, compromising, and even confessing to white-collar crimes. Thus, the significance of retaining effective criminal defense counsel early in an investigation cannot be understated. We are dedicated to providing you with round-the-clock legal representation to make sure the government does not discount your constitutionally guaranteed due process rights during criminal proceedings. From grand jury indictments until closing arguments at trial, we will guide you through all stages of the criminal process.

To arrange a free, confidential consultation about your legal rights with one of our serious white-collar defense lawyers, call Moore Taylor Law Firm at (866) 829-1242 or contact us online today.