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Protecting & Defending the Criminally-Accused

Columbia Theft Crime Attorneys

Accused of Theft? Let Our Experienced Theft Lawyers Help You Fight Your Charges.

Our attorneys at Moore Taylor Law Firm have vast experience in criminal defense, including handling theft crimes. We know how simple misunderstandings can be blown out of proportion and can result in arrests on theft charges. That’s why we dedicate significant time and energy to serving our clients accused of theft crimes. Our Columbia theft crime lawyers at Moore Taylor Law Firm have substantial experience in the realm of criminal defense, as well as decades of trial experience.

Understanding the Consequences of Theft Crimes in South Carolina

Being convicted of a theft crime has a lasting impact, including a mark on your permanent criminal record. However, penalties vary depending on the degree and nature of the theft. The dollar amount associated with the stolen property also plays a large role, as does intent when assigning penalties. For instance, if you’ve been accused of stealing someone else’s mail, the prosecution must prove that you did so intentionally with the desire to deprive the recipient of their rightful property. Even if you return the stolen item(s), that isn’t always enough to get away without any penalties.

Our criminal attorneys can help you fight any type of theft charge. Whether you have been suspected of shoplifting, burglary, embezzlement – even armed robbery or grand theft auto – our law firm has handled various theft crimes successfully, and we are ready to help you.

What Are the Penalties of Theft Convictions?

Penalties for theft crimes in South Carolina vary depending on the value of the property allegedly stolen by the defendant. Charges are separated into two broad categories:

  • Petit Larceny, or Petty Theft: Theft of property valued below $2,000 is considered “petty.” Convictions result in up to 30 days in prison and fines up to $1,000. Usually, this is a misdemeanor offense.
  • Grand Larceny: This is a felony offense, and the consequences for committing a felony are long-lasting. Convictions of grand larceny, such as stealing a vehicle, carry serious penalties. Thefts between $2,000 and $10,000 result in a sentence of up to 5 years in prison, as well as fines; thefts over $10,000 result in prison sentences up to 10 years, and hefty fines. If violence was involved with the crime, penalties escalate even further.

Facing Theft Charges? Call Moore Taylor Law Firm for a Free, Confidential Consultation.

When you’ve been charged with a theft crime, you need help protecting your legal rights. After an arrest, you should discuss your legal options with a qualified criminal defense attorney with experience handling theft crimes. At Moore Taylor Law Firm, we offer free, confidential consultations, so you have nothing to lose and no obligation to make when calling us for an appointment.

We’re here to help! Call Moore Taylor Law Firm today at (866) 829-1242.