Estate Planning (Wills, Trusts, POA’s, etc.)

Clients rely on us to help maximize legacy while ensuring wishes are met within the law. Moore Taylor attorneys handle these delicate matters with skill and diplomacy.

Wrongful Death

Tragic loss requires compassionate, committed counsel for those left behind. Moore Taylor’s family of attorneys and support staff assist those family members in these difficult circumstances.

Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Accidents

We provide critical counsel in replacing income lost and making workers whole who suffer injuries while on the job.

Social Security Disability

Federal benefits are a critical lifeline to millions, but can be difficult to secure without legal help. We help disabled clients navigate the Social Security system.

Real Estate/Residential & Commercial Closings

Moore Taylor provides steady guidance, document preparation and execution from offer to close for residential and commercial clients.

Product Liability

Moore Taylor attorneys work long and hard for clients in a wide range of product liability scenarios, including individual cases and class actions.

Probate/Estate Administration

Moore Taylor attorneys represent clients in the probating of estates and conservatorship/guardianship actions by guiding them through the process, creating pleadings and appearing before the Probate Court.

Premises Liability

We help our clients understand and defend their rights and responsibilities in premises liability matters.

Personal Injury

Moore Taylor handles claims arising from injuries and deaths that occur in the home or on the highway.

Nursing Home Negligence Defense

We provide responsible, committed defense when legal difficulties arise, from mediation through litigation.

Military Law

We defend service members in non-judicial punishment, administrative separations and courts-martial.

Medical Malpractice Defense

Medical professionals and providers rely on Moore Taylor for experienced defense in medical malpractice claims.

Local Government

Moore Taylor provides insightful counsel to municipal, county councils and state bodies on legal issues involving personnel, property and policy.


Moore Taylor attorneys regularly help clients with lease preparation and review, eviction issues and tenant rights.


Moore Taylor offers family focused legal help with assisted living and nursing home care, Medicaid, estate planning and combating possible abuse and scams that target the elderly.

Education Law

At Moore Taylor, we handle a variety of education law issues for clients that include school boards, faculty, staff and student issues.

DUI Defense

Expedient legal counsel is critical after an arrest for DUI. Moore Taylor attorneys help navigate driver’s license, insurance and criminal defense implications which may arise from such an arrest.

Divorce and Alimony Modification

Our domestic team handles divorces ranging from simple, uncontested cases to complex litigation, while always zealously representing our clients’ interests.

Criminal Defense

We are deeply committed to protecting the rights of accused individuals in all local, state and federal courts. Our criminal defense team includes former and current prosecutors experienced in cases ranging from traffic violations to drug possession to capital murder.

Corporate Formation/Business Law/LLCs

We provide experienced counsel in structuring of business entities, including limited liability companies and corporations, and in multiple legal issues for businesses of all sizes.

Civil Litigation

Our attorneys bring their diverse backgrounds and training to court, and zealously represent our clients in civil disputes involving individuals, private businesses or public bodies.

Child Custody, Support and Modification

Moore Taylor’s commitment to the best interests of our clients’ families have long helped work toward positive outcomes in cases involving these areas of family law.

Business and Commercial Law

We help business and commercial clients navigate issues from routine contract reviews to complex litigation in enterprises as diverse as agriculture, retail, insurance and banking.

Bankruptcy Protection and Debt Collection

Moore Taylor has accomplished counsel representing debtors and creditors in commercial and consumer cases. We are one of the only firms in South Carolina experienced in chapters 7, 9, 11, 12 and 13 filings.

Automobile Accidents

Moore Taylor Law Firm takes an aggressive approach to securing compensation for people physically injured and financially damaged in automobile accidents.


Taking cases to the next level requires a team that can research and write compelling briefs as well as provide convincing oral arguments. Our attorneys have extensive experience in leading successful appeals in civil and criminal matters alike.


The family atmosphere at Moore Taylor Law Firm helps deepen our commitment to handling adoptions with compassion and efficiency.

Administrative Law

Moore Taylor attorneys regularly represent clients before the South Carolina Administrative Law Court, state agencies and licensing boards.


Alternative dispute resolution is growing as an alternative to courtroom litigation. Our attorneys have a long record of helping to equitably and quickly resolve disputes involving a variety of personal and commercial issues. In addition to representing clients as committed advocates in alternative dispute resolutions, several of our attorneys are certified to act as neutral facilitators, serving as mediators or arbitrators themselves.

In addition, though not certified by the Supreme Court, Sheila McNair Robinson also mediates family court cases.